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Who loves a combination of moody and vibrant?

I know I do!⠀

Now, in a year where I only made 2 wedding cakes YES 2! I was lucky enough to take part of some really exciting shoots and work with some very talented suppliers. This one in particular was shot at Somerley House - well technically their stables, it was freezing cold and about 2 minutes after this photo was taken is rained, hard! Don't worry I rushed the cake the shelter.

Photographer & Coordinator: Andrea Verenini @andreavereniniphotography

HMUA & Coordinator: @hairandmakeup_bygabby

Flowers & floral design: @sageandco.floraldesign

Assistant: @zoemillsphoto

Bride and Groom: @the_robinsons_couple

Cake: @harttcakes


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