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Sample Box


Our sample box includes 10 dessert servings of the following flavours:

  • Chocolate with caramel ganache

  • Lemon & Elderflower with lemon ganache

  • Rose Champagne with white chocolate ganache

  • Passionfruit with passionfruit ganache

  • Pistachio & Rose with white chocolate ganache

  • Orange poppyseed with orange ganache

  • White chocolate raspberry with white chocolate ganache

  • Apple cinnamon with white chocolate ganache

  • Pink Lemonade with lemon ganache

  • Coconut with pineapple ganache


We send our samples out at the beginning of each month via express post.  



May contain traces of NUTS.

Sample Box

  • We recommend that you eat your tasters as soon as you receive them but if that’s not possible then please refrigerate and eat within 3 days.