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- Dorothy Parker

"creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye"

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For a short time I worked at a local cake shop, finding my passion for contemporary wedding cakes. This brief time of learning was invaluable, helping me know how to time manage and to charge my worth.

I officially launched Hartt Cakes February 2017.


I didn't really know what Hartt Cakes wanted to look like when I started, my branding was sub-par and I wasn't getting steady work.


I've worked on my business, on my brand, created my customer journey (The Process), worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get to a place I was happy.

Now the experience you get when booking with Hartt Cakes is completely different that ever before! No more stress waiting on your enquiry to be read, no more headaches from not having good communication with me.


I'm so proud of the hours of work i have put into the background and cannot wait for you to reap the rewards!​


Becky x

3 Fun facts About Myself


I love anime and love cosplaying

(costume to play). My partner and I annually attend Comic Con London and have cosplayed many characters over the years but my favourites are Black Widow from MCU, Uraraka from My Hero Academia, Rey from Star Wars and Himouto Umaru-chan.

It makes me feel like a disney princess being asked for photos with the franchises fans!  If you want to see them there are pictures on my personal instagram @boohartt


In 2019 my partner and I travelled to Japan & Australia for a month. While we were there we spent a lot of money on the food, my favourite being the Japanese convenience store 7/11's food. 150 yen for a bao bun and 170 yen for melon fanta, I was in heaven. The part of the trip that was my absolute favourite would have to be when Eddy proposed to me. We travelled from Tokyo on the shinkansen to Osaka, we then travelled to Kyoto on the train. While exploring we stopped at a traditional patisserie shop and picked up some lunch for a picnic in the local park. We found our spot beneath a cherry tree and that's where he proposed!  The ring didn't fit tho! We didn't realise from all the walking we did that day that my fingers had swollen so much we thought the ring was too small - oops! But it's fine we soon discovered from trying it on again a few days later that it was just from the heat - phew!


I am a Brownie Leader at my local unit!

My name is Little Owl - from my height.

I was a guide from 2006-2010 and became a Brownie Leader in 2011 (thats 10 years now!) My favourite part of being a leader is watching the girls grow in self confidence and accomplish tasks they never thought they could! One of them jumping from a trapeze pole 30ft in the air!

Wouldn't stop it for the world

I'm Becky Hartt - cake artist, dachshund lover and decade long brownie leader!

My interest in cakes started when I was 14, after watching a tv show ' Ace of Cakes". I started creating birthday cakes for family and friends then it soon turned into something more than a hobby.

Creating your wedding cake is so personal, I want to get to know you so I can understand what you want from me, enabling you to trust me with the most important day of your lives.

well hello there!

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