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Me and Mitzy out for a walk down Old Portsmouth

Im Becky the artist behind Hartt Cakes. Over the past 3 years I've grown from baking cakes for family and friends, to creating my own business and baking for customers from my family kitchen

(which can get a little busy when i'm completing many cakes in a week). Hoping to eventually expand into my own studio!

Here you'll soon find recipes, tutorials, techniques and blogs on things I'm passionate about!


Let's take it back!

In my early teens I started showing an interest in baking and cakes. I would watch a TV show called "Ace of Cakes" and be fascinated how they turned a simple cake into a masterpiece. 

I enrolled at South Downs College catering course back in 2011 straight out of school and graduated with a Patisserie Distinction in 2014! I do miss my college days but I knew from then I wanted to get more and more experience.


Its predicted that Gen Z will have many jobs in their life time... I've already had 10 - if thats not enough experience of how other businesses work I don't know what is.

After not seeing the stability of having a job in this economy I decided there was no one more reliable than my self. Therefore I officially stared my cake business on February 11th 2017, and have gone on to create and design my cakes but for an actual wage! 


So here we are – now over 3 years old with many more to come and more cakes to bake!

Thanks for stopping by!

Becky x



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